Downtown Bend Kids Scavenger Hunt

Downtown Bend Kids Scavenger Hunt

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On March 31st, as a part of our Bring on Spring event, Downtown Bend is hosting a Kids Scavenger Hunt!

Here is how to play:

  1.  The hunt starts at noon on Saturday, March 31st.
  2. Read your first clue below.  This clue will tell you where to go to start your hunt.
  3. When you arrive at this location the staff will have a special goody for your Easter Basket and a ‘clue card’ with your next clue on it.
  4. When you get your next clue card, solve the clue to discover the next location on your hunt.
  5. Each location will have a clue card for you, and each time you solve a clue and visit the next location, you will get something special for your Easter Basket!  There are a total of 9 clues and 10 locations.
  6. At the final location, turn in your card to be entered to win the grand prize of $50 in Downtown Dollars!

You can play the EASY way (recommended for kids under 10 and their parents).  These clue cards have the answer written on the back and the address of the next location.   These clue cards are BLUE.


You can play the HARD way (recommended for older kids).  These clue cards have no answer or location information – you have to figure it all out on your own!  These clue cards are RED.

**This event starts at NOON on Sat 3/31, and we will have supplies for the first 200 kids.**

The first clue is easy (for everyone).  Have fun solving the riddle, and then “decode” the location to know where to start:


Call, text or email me!  (Mindy @ 360-393-8992,



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