Do you commute between Bend and Redmond?

Do you commute between Bend and Redmond?

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Enjoy your trip to work. Your commute can be a relaxing, enjoyable experience.

Vanpooling saves you money on fuel, maintenance, insurance and vehicle depreciation.

Where does it go? Vans will run between Redmond and Bend during regular commute times M-F.

What kind of vehicle is it? Large and conversion vans to luxury cross-overs. Late model vehicles include seating for 7-15 people, captain’s chairs, keyless remote entry and cruise control. There are upgrade features such as Wi-Fi, Satellite Radio and GPS.

How much does it cost? For the 40 mile-round trip 5 days per week it costs about $100 per month per rider. Vanpooling saves the average commuter 50-75% versus driving alone, plus it saves time and is less stressful. And no parking hassles!

How do I get in a Vanpool? There is a custom software program that matches individuals into vanpools with open seats and corresponding drive times and routes. Through this program, we can keep your vanpool rolling!

Where can I get more information? Contact Kim Curley, or 541 408 6111 to be added to the list. A meeting and more information are forthcoming!


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