Who cleans up the snow?

Who cleans up the snow?

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In short…everyone must help!

The DBBA crew ASSISTS with snow removal on our @ 3 miles of sidewalk helping make a path thru’ downtown, clearing accessible parking stalls, and corners.

EACH BUSINESS is responsible for making the sidewalk in front of their business safe.


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  • paul grayber says:

    ….the City of Bend is very “progressive” in schusching off its responsibilities to the businesses and owners in downtown… you clean your sidewalks, you clean your graffiti, you remove snow and garbage, you sweep the streets, you fill the potholes and replace the cobble stones, you prune and cut your trees along the sidewalks, you ticket the skate boarders and bicyclists running down pedestrians, and very soon my dear downtowners, you’ll be policing the entire neighborhood yourself, because we the city are unable to get rid of the human waste, drunks and punks that are “beautifying” and littering downtown….thank you very much……..paul

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