What Should Happen with Mirror Pond?

What Should Happen with Mirror Pond?

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After several years of public engagement and technical exploration, the Mirror Pond Ad Hoc Committee is proposing a concept for the future of Mirror Pond for public input. The concept detailed in this summary satisfies stakeholders who wish to retain Mirror Pond and those who wish to see a more free-flowing river with enhanced wildlife habitat. This concept, called the Mirror Pond and Downtown Redevelopment Concept also offers a vision for the renewal of a critical area in Bend’s downtown core, with opportunities for new parks, restaurants and mixed-use development. The concept will not increase taxes and would be funded and managed by a partnership between the City of Bend, Bend Park and Recreation District, PacfiCorp and the private sector.

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  • Stewart Fritchman says:

    Additional retail needs additional parking.

    We already face a problem with parking, both sort and long term during the busy months of the year. For certain, Bend will grow and the need for additional services, offices and retail opportunities we present. I highly recommend we find a matrix that assesses our current parking and the demands the current mix of professional and offices place on those spaces, then, IF we decide to add retail we need to address the parking problem we have now as well as the future needs with new retail/professional spaces.

    Adding retail space must also be done carefully. Determining what tenant mix is functional for downtown is just as important as finding places for the potential customers to park. A tenant mix of four new brew pubs, three new candy/ice cream shops, two yoga studios, two bike stores, and another coffee house certainly isn’t what Downtown needs. Building just to build, then accepting the first credit worth tenant regardless of the product offering can create an entirely new set of problems.

    Bend is going to grow. Let’s be active in growing it sensibly with long term thinking for a vibrant, heathy future.

    • Downtown Bend says:

      Any support of the concept from Downtown Bend will be contingent on the idea that any removed parking is replaced .

      The DBBA agrees with what you’ve stated Stewart and we will continue to be very involved in this process as it evolves.

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