The Sunstone Store

920 Bond Street #106- (541) 389-2901

Business Description

The Sunstone Store is Oregon’s only gallery of jewelry and gifts dedicated to our Official State Gem, the Oregon Sunstone. Come browse a unique selection of Sunstone jewelry and gifts made in our own studio and by select artisans from Oregon and around the world. At the Sunstone store we are dedicated to the responsible sourcing of all of the gems we carry. Come learn how Sunstone is mined (Some of it from our own claims in the Oregon Outback) and even how you might dig some yourself! The Sunstone Store also features a sections of other, mostly American gems, and offers on site jewelry repair and custom design services. Just half a block from theOxford Hotel on Minnesota Street, The Sunstone Store is in the former location of Douglas Jewelry Design.



(541) 389-2901


920 Bond Street #106


Monday - Friday 10:30- 5:30 Saturday 10:30 - 5:00

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