Schmid Malone Buchanan LLC

550 Franklin Avenue, #378

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Schmid Malone Buchanan is a Bend, Oregon law firm that provides exceptional client service to individuals and businesses in the areas of civil litigation, real estate, land use, business law, employment, tax, nonprofits, estate planning, probate, and criminal defense. Our Bend Oregon attorneys have a client-centric attitude about the practice of law and work to develop cost-effective solutions that fit our clients' real world needs. We never want to care more about the law than we do our clients. That might sound odd—even counter intuitive—coming from a group of lawyers, but attention to a client’s specific legal needs should not eclipse consideration of the client’s overall situation. That guiding principle keeps us in touch with each client's unique situation and allows us to resolve problems creatively and cost-effectively.



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550 Franklin Avenue, #378
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