Peter A. Werner, Attorney at Law

Business Description

Peter Werner is an Oregon attorney licensed to practice in all state courts, Federal Court for the District
of Oregon, and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. His general civil litigation practice has a focus on
creditor’s rights (“follow the money”), personal injury, and landlord-tenant. Additionally, he is also
engaged in other legal areas that center on aspects of litigation; defending lawsuits, arbitrating,
resolving disputes, and negotiating settlements.

Peter also oversees civil matters between other parties as a neutral arbitrator. This is done in conjunction with Court mandated arbitration for certain lawsuits.

Werner is also active within his community. He was on the Budget Committee for the City of Bend for
eight years, serving as Chair for the last three. He has also served on the City’s Planning Commission.

Currently, he is part of Bend’s Citywide Transportation Advisory Committee. In June of 2014, the Oregon Supreme Court appointed Werner Circuit Court Judge pro tem.

Most importantly, Werner is a cycling referee through Oregon Bicycle Racing Association (OBRA) and is always eager for the start of the next racing season.




25 NW Minnesota Ave #14
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