Liberty Theater

849 NW Wall Street

Business Description

The Liberty Theater, located in downtown Bend, is celebrating its 100th anniversary by announcing a return to its dignified roots with the opening of At​ ​Liberty​, a year-round dedicated arts space and cultural hub in Downtown

At​ ​Liberty​ will host art exhibitions, serve as an event venue, have a small retail
component and be the home to some of Bend’s most exciting creative nonprofits: the Arts and Cultural Alliance, ScaleHouse and World Muse. Harkening back to the Liberty Theater’s original tagline “Where We All Go,” At​ ​Liberty​ aims to be just that, a beautiful and creative space that fosters community, art and curiosity.

The prominent yellow stucco building in the heart of downtown Bend has a colorful past.

Originally built as a vaudeville theater in 1917, the theater has experienced waves of transformation over the years as a silent movie theatre, a traditional movie theatre, a real estate office and a television store. After sitting empty for nearly a decade, the Liberty Theater has recently been used as an occasional event space for the local community, serving as the hub for the BendFilm Festival and other events.

Co-founders, Jenny Green, René Mitchell, and Kaari Vaughn saw the building's
untapped potential and dreamed of creating a permanent home and gathering space for Bend’s evolving arts and culture scene.

Co-founder, Kaari Vaughn says, “At​ ​Liberty​ will continue to host community events as well as regular exhibitions providing a space for artists, art lovers and art organizations to come together.”

With its elegant architecture, flexible configurations and premier downtown location, At Liberty​ is a unique venue for a festival kick-off party, a small board meeting or a memorable dinner party. Its vast space, filled with large empty walls provides the perfect backdrop for art exhibitions.

Co-founder, Jenny Green adds, “At​ ​Liberty​ is dedicated to providing a dynamic and
inspiring space for the exploration of arts and culture. We are excited to offer this unique and versatile setting for a variety of events.”

Local nonprofits, Arts and Cultural Alliance, ScaleHouse and World Muse will now have office space in At​ ​Liberty​ providing a collaborative work space. Co-founder, René Mitchell says, “Many thriving nonprofits struggle to find an affordable office space to expand their presence. Part of At​ ​Liberty’s​ mission is to provide a home for these organizations to collaborate, grow and expand.”

At Liberty, located in Bend’s historic Liberty Theatre provides an inspiring and dynamic space for the exploration of arts and culture, through exhibitions, collaborations, and events.

For more information on the space, renting the space, or ideas for collaboration, visit: