House of Smith

916 NW Wall-(541) 385-0864

A luxury salon, located in Bend Oregon, that is proud to serve you in all the best ways and take care of your lovely locks in a conveniently central location.

Our salon brings you 40 years of combined experience and training in contemporary techniques, personalized consultations, and beautiful hairstyles. We know all hair types and want you to feel comfortable with your natural beauty.

If you believe your hair is unmanageable or uncooperative, we know how to handle it. Whether it’s curly, straight, thick, frizzy or limp, we enhance your natural beauty and help you take care of your hair the way it is meant to be handled. Not only do we help you style, we provide you with tips and information on regular maintenance with the latest products designed to nurture your hair and help it stand out in all the right ways. The more you invest yourself in your hair, the more it will reflect a more honest and beautiful you.




916 NW Wall
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