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Business Description

Government Liscensing Solutions has provided government agencies with licensing system software since 1997. Our software, GL Suite, is a browser-based, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) licensing system. It streamlines processes and manages every aspect of licensing and regulation.

Instead of complaining about government, the staff of GL Solutions wants to be part of the solution, by serving State Government regulatory agencies with best practices and years of experience.

Our Mission
GL Solutions' mission is to help government agencies succeed through strategy, technology, and process excellence.

Core Values
Government software experts
To achieve our mission, GL Solutions identifies five critical shared values that enable our team members and customers to work with one another. People at GL Solutions model these values as a reflection of their personal convictions. Our values define:
● How we conduct business
● How we treat one another in the workplace
● What you, as a customer, can expect from us

GL Solutions' Core Values are:
1. Act with Honesty and Integrity - We do what we say. We feel "real."
2. Do Things Right - GL Solutions provides the right solution, even when that requires going the extra
mile. Our work is a personal reflection of the abilities of our employees.
3. Make Customers Happy - Founded by former licensing agency administrators. GL Solutions cares
that you succeed.
4. Succeed as a Team - Projects with GL Solutions are a team effort, involving loyal and trusting
participants from GL Solutions and your agency.
5. Focus on Strengths - GL Solutions accepts people as they are. We work to bring out each
individual's talents.


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