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Business Description

We thrive on being the hub of the local running community. You can register for most local runs and often pick up packets for events here at the FootZone. We sponsor nearly all of the local running events including Bigfoot , Heaven Can Wait, Salmon Run, PPP, Haulin Aspen, Spark Your Heart, Jingle Bell Run, Deschutes Dash, Grin and Bear it, Lord's Acre, Lava Bear Classic, Prineville HotShot Run and several others. We put on the Horse Butte 10 miler, Dirty Half, and Dirty Dozen as benefits for the Oregon Natural Desert Association, Deschutes Land Trust, and Central Oregon Trail Alliance respectively. We don't make a cent off of these events but use them to promote and financially support the preservation of open space and building of trails. We've always supported the Central Oregon Running Klub and through local high school coaches do our best to make sure student runners in Central Oregon have the chance to be in good running shoes.

Our Philosophy
This is the place for our mission statement but we don't have one. Mission statements have become some lofty goal that a business might be able to accomplish in 10 years if the stars align and the investors don't get restless. We struggle with that concept since we deal with our customers face to face every day. Often they work with our spouse or live down the street.

If we don't live up to some marketing strategy they will and should call us on it. We don't mind, it keeps life simple. If we do something well and prove it for a year or two we might mention it. Customers thank us frequently for fitting them in a running shoe they love or taking care of a problem. We're good at fitting feet and taking care of our customers. Maybe that's our mission statement - we just got there a little backwards.

A word on small business
We're proud to be a healthy small business. We make a profit from selling shoes. We profit off of our customers. We also run, bike, ski, drink coffee and beer; eat baked goods and grocery shop with our customers. We live in this community and try to be a positive part of it. Hopefully, products and service benefit our customers and in turn our customers provide us with employment. It's simple and accountable. Thank you for the opportunity.



(541) 317-3568


842 Wall Street


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