Parking Study – Summer 2015

Parking Study – Summer 2015

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We requested that the city study the parking supply in Downtown Bend (see: Why study parking?) in the late spring of this year. The City responded by approving the request and moving quickly to put together a scope of work that would get the best expert engaged to assess parking this summer during our busy season. A committee was put together with representation from the City, OSU, and the DBBA to look at proposals for the work. It was unanimously decided that there was not enough time to perform the best study this summer. The group will reconvene in a few months to get a study that can appropriately analyze our parking supply and demand early next summer.

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  • Parking meters at spaces or place pay station on each street corner.

    I’ve discussed parking problems with our clients over the years. The clients prefer a parking meter to pay for time; especially if they are eating and shopping or getting their hair colored (3 hours) therefore running over the 2 hr. limit. Most clients park in the garage but the older folks seek to park on the street closer to our salon.

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