Marty Smith Celebrates 50 Years in Downtown Bend!

Marty Smith Celebrates 50 Years in Downtown Bend!

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Marty as been a business owner in Downtown Bend for 50 years!  Anyone who has met her knows that she is delightful, intelligent and savvy.  Merriam-Webster defines Moxie as: force of character, determination or nerve.  Marty is all this plus a heavy dose of style.

Marty began her entrepreneurship when she was 9 years old in the Philippines.  It all began when she asked her mother to loan her 25 pesos for her produce venture.  Her mother not only gave her the loan, but also shared with her some words of wisdom,

First, you have to suit up and show up.  Second, you cannot be an oak tree, you have to be a willow tree, because the only thing for certain in life is change and when change occurs everything goes to ground zero.  Third, as long as you can see, you can get up…  And, last but not least, when life hands you lemons you make lemonade and when that’s not enough, lemon cookies, lemon meringue pie, lemon bars………

Fast-forward to 1978 when Marty became the first women manager out of the 68 Weisfield’s Jewelers stores.  Not surprisingly, that first year Marty won the District Manager’s Competition by selling the most diamond jewelry in volume and percentage.  As a successful woman, Marty has paved the way for other women to follow in her path.  The Bend store became a significant training center for future manager under Marty’s tutelage.

Marty opened her first store, Marty’s Fine Jewelry in the Oregon Street Mall followed by Ashley Christine Clothing on Bond Street, then Designers Fine Jewelry on Wall Street and Designers’ Artiquites and Furniture.

Currently Marty owns Ice Fine Jewelry on Wall Street and she just recently purchased GiGi’s next to Footzone!  Marty is nowhere close to stopping – it fact, with GiGi’s, she is just getting started.

Over the years, several boards have been privileged to have Marty’s wisdom and contributions; including the Tower Theatre Foundation, The Small Business Development Center, The Network of Entrepreneurial Women, and The Bend Downtowners Association – just to name a few.   She has also supported over 400 charities throughout Central Oregon.

To this day Marty loves her work.  Her customers often ask, “When are you going to retire?“, to which Marty answers, “When I get it right.

Last night the Downtown Bend Business Association spearheaded a gathering to celebrate her 50 years in Downtown Bend.  The Tower Theatre put a notice on the marquee, friends congratulated her over wine and snacks at Mockingbird Gallery, and Marty was given a painting of her store, Ice Fine Jewelry, called “Wall Street Reflections by Richard Boyer.  You can see more of Richard Boyer‘s work in October during his one person show at Mockingbird Gallery.

After this Marty-Party, Councilor Barb Campbell declared it Marty Smith Day during the City of Bend Council meeting.  Councilor Barb Campbell gave a wonderful proclamation highlighting some of what was when Marty first began doing business in Downtown Bend.

Where as, when Marty Smith started her business in Bend…There were logs, not kayaks, floating in there river;
There were fewer than 14,000 potential customers;
The hospital was still on the hill downtown and kids may have cut classes at St. Francis to see Love Story or Two Mules for Sister Sara at Tower Theatre
Today, Sept 6th, is Marty Smith Day in Downtown Bend!

Marty Smith is a living legacy, and we are so honored to have her in Downtown Bend!



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