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Here and Now

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Traveling is one of the most rewarding things one can do in their lifetime.  Whether its domestic or international, traveling allows us to experience other people, new places, discover unique treasures, and create memorable moments.

Here & Now is a publication that helps visitors create these memorable moments and discover the new places, people, foods and experiences they desire.   We are so lucky that they provide this great service to our visitors here in Bend, OR.

The Here & Now publications offer premium guides to Central Oregon visitors in both hard cover and soft cover versions.   The hardcover guest books are located in more than 4,500 lodging rooms in Central Oregon, and reach over 1.4 million vacationers and visitors.  With over 3.8 million annual visitors coming to Central Oregon, Here & Now offers guests all the information they need to enjoy Bend to the fullest.

My favorite thing about the Here & Now publications is the high quality.  These books include exquisite photographs, beautiful lay outs, and engaging readability.

As a business, there is no better way to specifically target Central Oregon vacationers and visitors.  It is a wonderful service Here & Now provides to local businesses – allowing them to directly connect to those who are looking for the Bend experience on their vacation.

Thank you, Here & Now, we <3 you guys!


For more information on Here & Now, and how you can be a distributor or advertiser, visit their website, or email them at



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