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Support Downtown Bend’s increasing vitality (projects, events, decorations, restoration & future planning) by donating to the Friends of Downtown!




The recent creation of the Friends of Downtown Bend, a non-profit organization, took place this Fall in order to provide an opportunity for individuals to donate to Downtown Bend’s activities.  As a 501c3, these individual donations will now be tax deductible.   Anticipated donations include contributions to Downtown Bend’s flower basket program, holiday decorating, general clean-up, and future projects.

“We really believe with donations being tax-deductible, more individuals will be inclined to donate to the good work happening in Downtown Bend.” said Rick Wright, president of the Friends of Downtown Bend. “Over the years, we have heard from many community members that it would be helpful if their donations were tax deductible.”

These funds will allow Friends of Downtown Bend to further their mission of adding to the economic vitality of Downtown Bend through beatification efforts and special projects like holiday decorating.  With the holiday season upon us and end of year donation considerations, the Friends of Downtown Bend is now accepting donations of any amount.

“A flower basket costs about $60, one hour of Downtown Bend cleaning is $25, and a string of Holiday Lights is $15, so even a small donation can go a long way to making Downtown Bend clean and beautiful.” said Rod Porsche, Executive Director of the Downtown Bend Business Association.

This new group will work directly with the Downtown Bend Business Association (DBBA).  The DBBA is a private nonprofit organization representing approximately 350 businesses and 85 property owners working to keep Downtown Bend vibrant. The organization is responsible for downtown beautification, cleaning and maintenance, marketing, events, and keeping the business environment healthy.

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