Forge Humanity

Forge Humanity

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What do you get when you put together two beautiful ladies, two friendly dogs, a heap of creativity & a desire to ‘pay it forward’ and give to change the world?  You get FORGE HUMANITY!  Forge Humanity is a unique boutique where every single product is attached to a cause.  This means that when you purchase something from Forge Humanity, you can be assured that your money is going to help someone else on this planet.  Pretty cool.

Owned and operated by Amy and Tiphane (and their two pups, Maximus & Foster) walking into Forge Humanity feels (to me) like a breath of fresh air, a cool clean forest, the crisp clean energy of standing a looking at a waterfall.  The store is clean, the products well displayed, and Amy and Tipahane are friendly, loving and knowledgeable.   You can shop their products online, but I wouldn’t want to miss the experience of their cute little downtown Bend location.

Amy and Tiphane relocated to Bend from Denver in 2009 in search of a place they could call home that would have enough land for the animals they loved dearly, especially their horses.   They visited Bend, found the perfect place for their family, and uprooted and moved with no jobs – just faith that they would leap, and the net would appear.  Having no shortage of intelligence and creativity – they were able to take such a huge change in stride.  Originally, they opened One Eyed Sister, a vintage eco-friendly coffee cart.  This endeavor was fun and educational for them, and it led them to their next dream of having a cute little downtown business, which because Forge Humanity.  But, Forge Humanity in Downtown Bend is just the seed of a much larger dream to be able to expand what they do, both online and with additional storefronts (possibly with the next location in Portland?).

Forge Humanity was founded with the idea that “we might not be able to help everyone, but everyone can help someone!”   Without a doubt, I can say that Amy And Tiphane helping ‘someones’ by carrying products exclusively from conscious companies, sharing a portion of their profits with those in need, actively helping people and animals in our Bend community, and – honestly- by just showing up everyday with their big hearts open ready to serve.

Keep up to date with Forge Humanity, and their new and changing product lines by connecting with them on Facebook and Instagram, and make sure to visit their store at 126 Minnesota Ave in Downtown Bend.


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