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Rob Tomlinson Art

I have been oil painting since the age of 12 when my father, seeing artistic potential in me, taught me to paint using my grandfather’s oil painting box. With just one lesson and I was on my way. I spent decades perfecting my techniques in oil painting and drawing.  My goal back then was photo realism.  This meant hiding all my brushstrokes, and painting over mistakes until things were just right.  Though this resulted in a large body of work and many commissions, I became increasingly unsatisfied with the final result.  I began to paint outside my comfort zone, searching for a new aesthetic. This resulted in many failed paintings along the way.  To save money, and avoid embarrassment, I would scrape off the canvas with a palette knife and re-use it later. This was the most liberating thing I could have done.  I learned not to be afraid of my mistakes.  They are just necessary steps to the success of a painting.  They are inspiration to me, and help make up the whole.  Scraping failed paintings inspired a process.  Painting on top of these canvases, and maybe scraping portions again.  My process now is as much about removing paint as it is applying it.  I want to show my work…that a process took place, mistakes were made.  And ultimately, (hopefully) a beautiful painting is the result.

I want the quality and texture of the paint to help tell the story.  I’m not just painting a baseball…I’m attempting to paint a narrative. Each mark on the ball is a story…a hit, a bad bounce, a home run, or a broken window.  I want a sense of the history of the subject to come across…that it has a history.  I like to treat a still life as if I’m painting a portrait.  I want each aspect of the painting (Line, shape, value, color, texture and edges) to do their part in helping to reveal the character of the thing or person. Or in a landscape evoke the feeling of mist from irrigation sprinklers on a warm summer evening.

I live and work in Bend Oregon with my wife Eline and our eleven year old German Shepard. I paint in my studio in Tumalo, Oregon just outside of Bend