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Thank you for being a part of The 2015 Downtown Board of Directors Election

People active in downtown can serve on the Board of Directors. Elections for 2 year terms are held annually. The candidates listed below have expressed interest in donating their time to serve Downtown Bend as a Board Member. Three seats are open on the Board-one business and two property owner representatives.

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Business Owner

Sarah Jordan-Looney Bean Coffee- Downtown Bend is thriving right now, and I feel fortunate to be a part of the vibrant scene since purchasing The Looney Bean in 2013. I would thoroughly enjoy contributing to the continuing creativity that makes Downtown Bend so special to locals & visitors alike.

Jennifer Steigman-Faveur Boutique- Jennifer has been a resident of Bend for 19 years and opened Faveur in 2011. She moved here from Eugene-first for the sunshine and second because she fell in love with downtown and Mirror Pond/ Drake Park. As a small business owner in Downtown Bend- as well as a resident of Bend, she is very aware of the need to keep downtown beautiful and thriving - appealing to both the tourist and resident. Building for prosperity - both now and the future -is always in her mind, and she is always thinking of best ways to advertise, and promote Downtown Bend. She has a stake in the outcome of the future of Mirror Pond/ parking issues- and is able to look at all sides of the issues- and put business - both now and future- first. Jennifer Loves Downtown Bend, and will give her time and energy into finding what's best for Downtown businesses.
Property Owner

Gregg Harper-Oxford Hotel- I feel that I have a vested interest in ensuring that the downtown association’s interest and programs are communicated to our associates and business leaders. I have had the opportunity to run several associations during my 30 years in the hospitality business and look forward if given the chance to actively represent the interest of our owners on the downtown board. My work schedule also permits me to attend regularly and actively.

Karen LeTourneau-831 Wall Street- I have been a part of downtown Bend nearly every day since 2001, when I opened Bend Bungalow, a retail gift/décor shop that is now called Lone Crow Bungalow. I was operating before the EID, during the transition, and after and can bring that to the table as well. I am also now lucky enough to count myself as a downtown property owner, having purchased the former Ranch Records building in late 2014. The building is undergoing a full renovation, after which I will be opening a new shop at the street level. I have served on the board previously and am fully behind the EID and the other various efforts designed to keep downtown vibrant. We have several new and recurring challenges ahead, and I would feel confident in bringing a unique perspective to the board, as one of few property owners who actually operates a business in their building and has done business downtown for years. We are fortunate to be in a position to have some time to hand-select a new Executive Director to take us into the next several years of growth opportunities and challenges. I would look forward to applying all of my passion and knowledge about downtown Bend to this search and transition.

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