Downtown Livability Group

Downtown Livability Group

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The great thing about downtown is that everyone is welcome and

the challenging thing about downtown is that everyone is welcome.

It is this understanding that is at the center of downtown districts around the country. We welcome everyone.  The challenge is that along with everyone comes every behavior. Our approach downtown is address negative behaviors. We must come together as a community and share a core set of values of what behaviors we will not tolerate and we need to hear your voice.

The City of Bend Police Department has put together a Downtown Livability Group to discuss and work toward more solutions to address the problem behaviors. The group will be meeting monthly and represents law enforcement, downtown businesses, the city, the county, social services, mental health services, the public library, the park district, and others that are engaged in addressing these issues.

The DBBA will have several representatives involved in the group and will continue to get updates to businesses.


  • Barb Kipper says:

    I think the acting out of people of all ages is a mental health and physical health issue. This is something to be worked with, rather than ignoring it and just chasing the folks away. We need to know reasons and deal with it in a compassionate way that will help us all.
    As the rescent situations in MO. have shown, people should nott be damaged, and need sensible treatment.
    I believe this is a heads up us all.

    • Downtown Bend says:

      Thank you for your thoughtful post. You are exactly right. The purpose of this group is to address the problem, NOT brush it under the rug. The source of the issue is dynamic, it’s mental health, homelessness, housing affordability, joblessness, drug addiction. We are trying to get all the right players at the table to have a community approach to a resolution.


  • anonymous says:

    Behaviors that are illegal should not be tolerated, behaviors that are legal should be tolerated. It’s really quite simple. That’s the only “core value” that is enforceable. The rest of this seems a little bit like a “solution looking for a problem”

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