Conscious Ink in Downtown Bend

Conscious Ink in Downtown Bend

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Frank Gjata is serious about living.  He is the founder of a plethora of businesses, each dedicated to helping people ‘wake up’ and live consciously and enthusiastically in love with life.   We are lucky to have Frank as part of our Downtown Bend core, where his business, Conscious Ink, sits above Patagonia on the corner of Wall St. and Oregon.

Conscious Ink is a business of temporary tattoos – but not just any temporary tattoos.  Tattoos to change your life.  “Is this possible?” You ask.  Well, according to Frank, it’s not only possible, it’s reality.  Are you looking to make a lasting impression on your own way of thinking or level of joy? Would you like to solidify your intentions and affirmations?  Are you interested in helping a friend or loved one find peace, passion or inspiration?  Conscious Ink has many varieties of themed tattoos, such as Love, Empowerment, Abundance, Yoga, Healing, Goddess, Body Appreciation, Relationship, & more.

Conscious Ink ships their tattoos internationally, and can be found locally in stores like Newport Market, Lotus Moon & Cowgirl Cash.  They have been in Downtown Bend for three years & they love the Downtown Bend culture.  When I asked them where they like to hang out downtown, Frank rattled of a list of a dozen local coffee shops and restaurants.  It seems that choosing a favorite was too hard for him to do, although he did praise Wild Rose for being a wonderful neighbor and a delicious lunch spot!   Deeply rooted in a win/win philosophy, Frank & his crew are dedicated to bringing more kindness to Downtown Bend.

To learn more about Frank, or to start manifesting something new in your life today, visit:


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