Charging stations at the Oxford Hotel

Charging stations at the Oxford Hotel

Informative - January 26, 2015 - 2 Comments - by

Two Tesla 80 AMP Charging Stations have been installed at the Oxford Hotel. This will allow a Tesla to reach a full charge in approximately four hours. This station is used exclusively for Tesla Automobiles. In addition, one Clipper Creek HCS-60 60 AMP Electric vehicle charger has been added.

This is a great service offered to guests of the Oxford Hotel.


  • Barb Kipper says:

    I guess Bend is coming up in the world.

    Has there been a big need for the Tesla cars to be charged here?
    Are the needs for residents of Bend area… or travelers?
    What is the cost for a full charge?


    • Downtown Bend says:

      Hey Barb,

      I don’t think it’s maturation of Bend much as an evolution of the electric vehicle in Oregon. More and more people are using them and that usage will continue to grow as the public and private sector installs more charging stations.


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