The 2018 EID



We are pleased to announce that on 4/18/2018 the funding for the Downtown Bend Business Association was passed by a 96% vote!  This means that all properties within the Economic Improvement District (EID) have elected to pay a fee of $0.25 per square foot for increased services in Downtown Bend.  This EID was voted on for a term of three years.

This means that the DBBA will be able to continue existing services and expand our services to include increased security and cleaning as well as enhanced marketing.

What new programs have business and building owners requested?

Our property owners and business owners have communicated with us that they would like to see additional action taken to curb unwanted behaviors in Downtown Bend.  Because of these direct requests, we have proposed, through our EID increase, to spearhead the Bend Cares campaign which will educate our community on how to give responsibility, add additional security in Downtown, and increase the cleanliness of DT with monthly high-pressure power washing.

Secondly, we have heard requests for increased branding & marketing for Downtown Bend as a whole.  Our business and building owners recognize that our Downtown Bend branding needs to stay fresh, cutting edge, and top of mind tour community members for shopping, dining, and services.  In answer to this request, we have a complete rebrand planned for Downtown Bend over the next three years.  This rebrand includes a fresh new logo, and a new story-based marketing campaign focusing on the history of our Downtown and the unique narrative of our entrepreneurs and what they bring to our City.


What is the new proposed budget?

Proposed EID Documents

EID Agreement

EID Ordinance

MOU Draft


What can you do to get involved?

If you are looking to get involved, contact the DBBA.  We have monthly committee meetings, monthly board meetings, a monthly newsletter, lots of volunteers opportunities – and we are also happy to schedule meetings with you quarterly!  You can email us at or call us at 541-788-3628.


Testimonials about our work


If you have questions about our organization, our Executive Director is happy to chat on the phone or go have coffee with you to discuss Downtown Bend and our organization’s role in keeping it vibrant.  You can contact her directly here.


For reports or additional data, contact us.