2014 Parking Study Request

2014 Parking Study Request

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The DBBA is requesting that the City of Bend update the data that drives downtown parking policy. The information below was presented to City Council this week. Please add any comments below on what issues you feel need to be addressed in a new study.

Downtown Bend Parking Study Request 2014

A parking stall is worth $30,000 per year?

THIS is why having an updated parking policy is so important to any business district. Based upon a National Main Street Center study, EACH on-street parking stall in downtown, based on regular turnover represents $30,000 in sales. Downtown Bend needs the best policy to ensure that those coveted and extremely valuable on-street stalls are available as often as possible.

Why invest in another parking study?

The City is using antiquated data to drive parking policy.

  • The last study was performed in 2002-square footage has increased 47% since.
  • The users, businesses, and the entire community has changed dramatically in 12 years.
  • The data collected for the last study was a measure of parking habits for one afternoon 4 weeks after September 11th on a Thursday in October 2001.

What are the parking issues?

There are questions that need to be resolved and will best be answered by collection of current, relevant data assessed by an outside expert. Some of the issues to be addressed include:

  • Perception that parking is unavailable
  • Pay-and-display equipment unreliable
  • Users are VERY confused about parking options, choices not clear or simple
  • Signage is poor, unclear, and inconsistent
  • On-street parking options are limited
  • Garage underutilized
  • We do not understand demand or users to set appropriate time and rate policies
  • Parking policy not responsive to seasonality of Bend


  • Loni Van Duzer says:

    Our business relies on the ability for clients to park for over 2 hours, 3 is the most common. The parking rules are so grey and convoluted I spend hours each day of my precious time having
    to explain it to our clients. We need a clear, concise program that actually is FAIR, and parking meters that actually work in a timely manner and consistently! Broken meters/pay machines and still giving tickets? Or asking customers to walk 2 blocks and back again to pay to park? Still giving tickets when meters don’t work?
    We should be embarrassed that this is happening in our Downtown. Unacceptable. Period

  • Karen Bandy says:

    The biggest complaint about parking that I have heard in the last few years has been ‘two hours is not enough time to come downtown, shop and enjoy lunch’. When I bring up the fact that they can park free for three hours in the garage, they say they ‘forget about the garage’. I think the garage concept is too new for old time bendites. They want to park on the street. Education is needed.

    I have always said the biggest problem with parking in Downtown Bend are the employees and business owners who park on the streets in the core. They take key spots away from all our clients, messing up their own businesses as well as mine. It is selfish behavior. I still see people scurrying out on their breaks to move their cars. To me this is a ridiculous waste of time and energy when that same person can park all day on the top floor of the garage for about $15 a month, or park for free outside the core.

    I do not think parking meters are necessary at this time. Just get business owners and employees off the streets in the core. This includes restaurant employees who work lunch or dinner shifts.

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